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Hello Leslie. I just wanted to send you a new birthday pic. She is the best thing ever and still acts like a puppies most days. We love her to death. Thanks again.

Hi Leslie a picture of our Mollie at 2 years. She is a phenomenal athlete,defies gravity ,swims like a fish , has the heart of a lion. Everyone from vets to groomers say she is the perfect specimen 🐩
And thanks to you Leslie for providing her !
Cathy and John

Hi Leslie,

This is Oliver. He was from Luke and Bristol litter in 2013. He was the one with a red ribbon around his neck. He will be 4 years old on July 31st. He is the most gorgeous, happiest and healthiest dog we have ever had. Every day we walk him around someone compliments him on his beauty. Yesterday someone asked us again were did we get him and we referred them to your website. This happens a lot. We can’t thank you enough for all of your breeding efforts.

Paul and Fidel

Houston, Texas

Thank you so much for all your expertise and wisdom shared with us. We are absolutely in love with Teddy and he is amazing. You are a fantastic person for loving these pups so much. Thank you! We couldn’t be happier with our new family member. ( Gigi might be a little jealous;-)All our best, Leslie, Greg, Charlie, Lizzy, Gigi and Teddy

Chesney is 10 years old today. Happy Birthday Chesney and we are taking her for a convertible ride to get some French fries.

Murphy made it just fine. She came right out of her kennel with no problem and within 5min she was licking us and wagging her tail. Here’s my daughter Casey holding her.

Hey Leslie,

It is hard to believe that Callie will be four years old on Jan 15th. What a joy she has been to us and the many people that she visits in the nursing homes as a Therapy Dog. Many of the nursing home residents asked for her picture, so we gave out postcards of her at Christmas. The second picture is when I was recently in the hospital and Callie made a visit to cheer me up. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. As I was looking back at her old pictures, I noticed how much she looks like Zella and how they have the same facial expressions. Do you still have Zella?(yes) How you are doing well. (awsome)

Becky from Jackson Ohio



Burr….Happy Thanksgiving from Lafayette Great Bark Dog Park. 20 degrees!


Hazel nestled all snug on the couch…Meg


Lilly is home! Our day so far with Lilly, Connor, Maddie, Simone and Jax, Laura & Christy12391787_10153725498500792_2280610393832361999_n 12342763_10153725498095792_7511707951669047776_n 12308813_10153725498070792_7275727815736938939_n 12391096_10153725496775792_2716148215582134240_n

Hoppy Holidays, Max